Long Beach Water Department Launches 90H2O

Astralcom, LLC has launched a Web site for the Long Beach Water Department, Long Beach 90H2O.

The Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) serves a population of 492,000.

"In creating the whole 'Long Beach 90H2O' concept, it was important that we approached it from a community-centric perspective," explained Richard Bergér, vice president of E-Business at Astralcom. "The LBWD is an award-winning municipal agency that is dedicated to the service of its customers, and we wanted to be sure the community-centric 90H2O concept helped to embrace and to cultivate that," Bergér added.

"Astralcom hit the nail on the head from the get-go with their 90H2O concept ─ it seemed to fit naturally with the Water Department's philosophy and objectives," stated Matthew Veeh, acting director of Government and Public Affairs for the Long Beach Water Department.

Among the new design and reworked content, the new Web presence includes a more streamlined navigation that presents visitors with clear pathways and unique elements.

There is a local map of the nurseries that offer drought-resistant plants, an online kid's games and learning section, a Second Life presence that virtually demonstrates the design and use of conservation gardens; all of which provide an overall intuitive, engaging and educational visitor experience.

Astralcom has helped the City of Long Beach with Internet-based conservation and business attraction efforts in the past, with projects like The Stormwater Division and the Special Events Division's first Web sites and economic development efforts like LongBeachCulture.org and TechBeach.net.

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