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Bill Bider, director, Kansas Bureau of Waste Management responds to CDR, SRM article.

The alarmist comments presented in the following article from your newsletter are very irresponsible given recent information that has come to light regarding the fact that global cooling has actually taken place over the past ten years:

CDR, SRM Are Risky Plan Bs to Manage Warming, Report Says

The data presented in the following table clearly shows that the IPCC projections are greatly in error. This table came from a report produced by the Science and Public Policy Institute*. The full report can be found at:


For seven and a half years, global temperatures have been falling rapidly. The IPCC’s predicted warming path (pink region) bears no relation to the global cooling that has been observed in the 21st century to date. Source: SPPI global temperature index.

It amazes me that so many educated people continue to bury their head in the sand and accept the global warming propaganda when the data does not support the arguments. Of course the money available to those who believe in global warming/climate change may be part of the reason along with the fear of the opinions of persons who may consider them backward “flat-earthers.” How sad that we are making such major policy decisions based upon faulty science.

Bill Bider
Kansas Bureau of Waste Management

P.S. By the way, I have dedicated my 30 year career to environmental protection; however, as a movement, I believe we have lost sight of what our true goals should be. The regular content of your newsletter is a perfect example of how we have lost our way.



*Editor's Note: According to the Science and Public Policy Institute Web site, the organization is “a nonprofit institute of research and education dedicated to sound public policy based on sound science. Free from affiliation to any corporation or political party, we support the advancement of sensible public policies for energy and the environment rooted in rational science and economics. Only through science and factual information, separating reality from rhetoric, can legislators develop beneficial policies without unintended consequences that might threaten the life, liberty, and prosperity of the citizenry.”

The organization is led by Robert Ferguson, SPPI president, who, according to the Web site, has worked on Capitol Hill for some 26 years, in both the House and Senate, serving Republican study and policy committees as well as Rep. Jack Fields (R-Texas), Rep. John E. Peterson (R-Pa.), and Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.). He earned his undergraduate and advanced degrees at Brigham Young University and George Washington University, respectively.

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