Viridity Energy Partners with Utilities, Others for Stimulus

Viridity Energy is participating in major projects across four states that have been proposed to the U.S. Department of Energy for funding under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Viridity has been chosen as a partner on grant applications filed by Con Edison, the state of New Mexico, San Diego Gas and Electric, Drexel University, Penn State University and PECO Energy Company.

Viridity Energy is a virtual power generation company that transforms large energy consumers into 24/7 virtual power plants -- increasing energy efficiency, decreasing energy costs and creating continuous revenue that enables the attainment of economic and sustainability goals. Receipt of these grants will allow Viridity and the company's partners to implement smart grid technologies at various buildings and campuses. Grant recipients will be announced in October and November, 2009.

Viridity is a partner on the following grants in the following states:

    In Pennsylvania: the company is working with Drexel University, Penn State University, University of Pennsylvania and PECO Energy on three projects that will demonstrate the value of integrating both distributed resources and controllable load onto the electric grid as predictable, reliable resources.
    In California: the company is working with San Diego Gas and Electric Company and University of California at San Diego to demonstrate the value of dispatching a sophisticated campus micro grid as a virtual generator.
    In New York: the company is working with Con Edison and the City of New York Economic Development Corporation to optimize advanced building technologies and solar generation from city-owned properties, such as the Brooklyn Army Terminal, into clean, virtual power generation.
    In New Mexico: the company is part of the state's Green Grid Initiative, which will serve as a national model on how to develop and sustain a smart, green electricity grid using the best technology.

In each of these projects, Viridity will demonstrate how dynamic load optimization can be used to help building owners, utilities, and universities create virtual energy generation. Customers will be able to manage power costs while providing reliable service to the national energy grid. Under the proposals, a two-way interface using secure communication channels will be created between the end-users' resources and the grid through Viridity's VPower™ System. The system provides customers with access to an advanced software platform that evaluates the customer's overall energy load and optimizes their energy usage on a 24/7 basis.

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