U.S. Aluminum Can Recycling Reaches 54.2%

The Aluminum Association, Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) officially announced on Aug. 12 the 2008 Used Beverage Container (UBC) recycling rate which showed the highest recycling rate of any beverage container at 54.2 percent.

"This information demonstrates that the aluminum can continues to be recognized as a valuable recyclable product," said Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. "Scrap recycling continues to play a vital role in the local and global economy, as well as global trade and sustainable development and we hope to see the recycling rate continue to increase."

A recycled can requires 95 percent less energy, generates 95 percent less emissions and creates 97 percent less water pollution than generating new metal. Therefore, purchasing beverages in aluminum cans and recycling them is a simple way to reduce one's carbon footprint. Higher recycling rates ensure a steady supply of high value recycled aluminum delivering incredible value and benefits for all stakeholders.