EPA OKs Use of Swan's TCMTB

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last month approved a British company's right to sell a range of TCMTB-based products for use in industrial systems for water treatment, paper processing, leather tanning and paint manufacturing.

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is a European manufacturer of TCMTB (2-(Thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole) and has been developing a portfolio of biocide products under its Casacide brand for use in North America. The final product in this range, Casacide T100, was granted approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on July 13.

"There are huge opportunities for Casacide in North America", said Chuck Van Fleet of Swan Chemical Inc., the United Kingdom company's American subsidiary. "The market has not had a wide choice of suppliers and we come to the market with a 20-year track record of quality and expertise in this sector."

Casacide is a broad-spectrum biocide that does not have any hydrocarbon solvents and produces stable emulsions on dilution with water, including both acidic and mildly akali solutions.

The most common applications for microbiological control are in water treatment systems such as boilers and cooling systems and process water in the paper industry. Casacide is also used as a mold inhibitor in the manufacture of paints. In the leather industry, Casacide is widely used during the tanning process to provide long-term protection against fungal attack.

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