USDA Provides More than $150 M for Water Treatment

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated $154.8 million in loans and grants to provide safe drinking water and improved wastewater treatment systems for rural towns and communities in 15 states and Puerto Rico. The loans and grants are being funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan said: "The 36 Recovery Act water and wastewater projects … further the Obama administration's goal to rebuild and revitalize the nation's rural infrastructure. These projects will put people to work, improve the health of families and communities, and make a down payment on a better environment for the future."

Among the projects are a $798,000 loan and a $429,500 grant to construct a 114,000 gallon-per-day wastewater treatment plan and collection system, in Garrison, Ky. The residents of Lewis County, which persistently has a high poverty rate, have no public wastewater collection and treatment system. The residents have relied on individual septic systems that are failing and can contribute to unsanitary living and environmental conditions. The new system will provide more than 330 residents with safe waste disposal.

In Iron County, Mich., the city of Iron River Sewer Collection Replacement Project will receive a $2 million loan and a $3 million grant to upgrade an aging and deteriorated sewer collection and treatment system and purchase a sewer cleaning vehicle for system maintenance. Currently, pollutants are released into the groundwater, causing environmental and public health hazards. The new sewer system will prevent leaching, sanitary sewer overflows and residential basement flooding.

The ARRA funding is being administered through USDA Rural Development's Water and Environmental Program.

Funding of individual recipients is contingent upon their meeting the terms of the loan or grant agreement. Below is a complete list of award recipients by state:

Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners - $1,495,000 direct loan and $713,500 grant

City of Dubois - $675,000 direct loan and $289,000 grant

Village of Clay City - $1,062,000 direct loan
City of Vienna - $1,240,000 direct loan and $1,460,000 grant

Town of Morocco - $3,945,000 direct loan and $5,260,000 grant
St. Henry Water Corporation - $1,730,000 direct loan
Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District - $12,163,000 direct loan and $9,949,000 grant

Garrison-Quincy-KY-O-Heights Water District - $798,000 direct loan and $429,500 grant
Greater Fleming County Regional Water Commission - $994,000 direct loan and $426,000 grant
City of Irvine - $4,577,000 direct loan and $2,000,000 grant
City of Lancaster - $1,641,000 direct loan and $703,000 grant

Town of Amite City - $1,750,000 and $2,262,000 direct loans and $1,793,000 grant

Town of Farmington - $131,000 direct loan and $370,000 grant

Village of Edmore - $2,501,000 direct loan and $1,852,000 grant
City of Gaastra - $300,000 direct loan and $900,000 grant
City of Hancock - $2,092,000 and $1,225,000 direct loans and $1,908,000 and $2,975,000 grants
City of Iron River - $2,000,000 direct loan and $3,000,000 grant
Nahma Township - $242,000 direct loan and $723,000 grant
City of Negaunee - $3,673,000 direct loan and $1,691,000 grant
City of Wakefield - $7,012,000 direct loan and $2,400,000 grant

New York
Town of Chesterfield - $100,000 direct loan and $5,111,400 grant

Puerto Rico
PR Aqueduct & Sewer Authority (Adjuntas) - $4,415,000 direct loan and $4,106,000 grant
PR Aqueduct 33 (Ponce/La Yuca) - $727,000 direct loan and $238,642 grant
PR Aqueduct 33 (Aibonito/La Plata) - $4,479,000 direct loan

South Carolina
City of Pickens - $9,819,000 direct loan and $6,051,000 grant

South Dakota
City of Bowdle - $738,000 direct loan and $517,000 grant
Town of Hermosa - $96,000 direct loan
Town of Java - $58,000 direct loan and $287,000 grant
Town of Rosholt - $562,000 direct loan and $753,000 grant
Town of Warner - $444,000 direct loan

Town of Brian Head - $5,569,000 direct loan and $3,603,000 grant

Town of Louisa - $3,315,000 direct loan

Town of St. Johnsbury - $3,750,000 direct loan and $11,250,000 grant

West Virginia
Town of Tunnelton - $493,000 grant

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