AFS Plans Transportation Conference in October

Highlighting the conference are a number of well-known industry supplier, regulatory, advisory, and OEM speakers. Dennis Assanis, Ph.D., University of Michigan, director, W.E. Lay Automotive Laboratory will be the luncheon keynote speaker on Wednesday addressing "Recent Achievements in Engine Design."

Cleophas Jackson, assistant director for the Compliance and Innovative Strategies Division in EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality, is the lead plenary speaker and will discuss the impact of future engine emission regulations. Ken Howden, U.S. Department of Energy, is the keynote speaker at Tuesday's luncheon. He will provide insight into the U.S. government's activities in energy efficiency and renewable energy. David Cole, Ph.D., chair, Center for Automotive Research, the keynote gala banquet speaker on Tuesday evening, will speak on "The Future of the Automotive Industry."

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