A&WMA Explores Oil and Gas Impacts on Air Quality

The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) will present "Air Quality Impacts of Oil and Gas Production in the Rocky Mountains," Sept. 15-17 in Centennial, Colo.

This conference will explore the potential effects of oil and gas exploration and production activities on air quality in the Rocky Mountain region.

"Don't miss the chance to strategize with environmental commissioners, air directors, agency officials, and technical experts about how to utilize the oil and natural gas found in the Rocky Mountain region without causing significant environmental consequences," said Adrianne Carolla, A&WMA executive director.

The conference will address such issues as

  • The National Environmental Policy Act process and implementation issues;
  • The latest technologies and regulatory strategies;
  • Oil and gas emission, pollutant formation, and impact modeling research;
  • Air quality developments in major basins in the West;
  • Federal, regional, and state climate policies and their impact on the critical energy sector;
  • Balancing the development and protection of key areas for energy production; and
  • How energy production from natural gas will play a key role in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
For more information, visit www.awma.org/go/ambientair09.

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