CHI Releases Latest Verison of SWMM

Computational Hydraulics International fo Guelph, Ontario announced on July 14 the latest release of PCSWMM; the standard GIS based software support system for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SWMM5 solution for water quality compliance.

After a conducting a usability study with over 400 users and implementing an intense R&D effort, CHI has released its most significant update named PCSWMM 2009. With a streamlined, adaptive user-interface that improves work-flow for experienced users at the same time as dramatically reducing the learning curve for new users, PCSWMM 2009 makes significant strides forward in end-user productivity.

“CHI understands the challenges faced by engineers today,” states Rob James, CHI vice president. “The economic stimulus funding released to cities and municipalities for infrastructure improvement has resulted in an unprecedented number of projects that have to break ground this year. Consulting firms will need to produce accurate results quickly so that they can make better design decisions, meet higher standards of quality, and complete their projects in less time. The redesign in PCSWMM 2009 will help engineers considerably.”

PCSWMM 2009 enhances a set of feature rich, high performing professional urban drainage and watershed modeling tools that work with GIS/CAD based data, including ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MapInfo, Microstation, Geomedia SQL, OpenGIS SQL , according to the company's press release. It offers unlimited model sizes (100,000+ pipes) and fast set up of models for dual drainage and detention pond design, RDII and CSO/SSO reduction, and flood inundation analysis.

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