B&V: Downturn Still Plagues Energy, Water Markets

Black & Veatch shared global insights on sustainability and innovation with members of the international media on June 24 at Singapore International Water Week.

Discussing global trends in the energy and water industries, Black & Veatch Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer Len C. Rodman said, "We believe that innovation, sustainability, and the nexus of water and energy are key to our clients and their customers. It's important to educate all consumers so that they better understand the value of water, as well their role in wisely using water today to preserve the potential benefits for future generations."

Rodman added that the company sees flatter demand for energy in the near-term. However, as the global economy recovers from current financial uncertainties, all types of energy sources from renewables and biomass to fossil fuels and nuclear must become part of an integrated and sustainable portfolio to meet the world's energy needs.

Rodman stressed the need for broad-based technology and engineering solutions that transcend borders as the demand for a secure water supply continues to increase with global population growth.

Dan McCarthy, president and chief executive officer of Black & Veatch's global water business, shared detailed information about key global economic and business trends that impact the water industry.

"Although we're seeing hopeful signs of recovery in many regions, the water industry overall is still being impacted by the economic downturn; and protectionist approaches are unfortunately gaining a foothold in some countries," he said.

McCarthy explained that Black & Veatch is trying to counterbalance that trend by promoting collaboration and cooperation through its global and regional connections. "We're facilitating discussions among our clients and business partners and brokering relationships to help them understand each other's points of views and share their best practices."

The company announced that the first phase of the Sembcorp Changi NEWater Plant in Singapore has been completed on schedule and will begin commercial operations next month. Black & Veatch designed the plant and provided the owner, Sembcorp Industries, with construction and start-up commissioning services.

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