Green Research Offers Second Edition Stimulus Guide

The Green Research Council has updated its Green Stimulus Guide, a "how to" manual for green American Recovery and Reinvestment Act opportunities.

The manual details grants and funding sources, state and federal agencies, and general resources.

The guide is targeted to building owners, contractors, consultants, architects, engineers, energy service companies, or general eco-enthusiasts and helps uncover market opportunities for energy efficiency, green buildings, clean energy, and smart grids. The guide provides also categorizes opportunities, tips, and resources state-by-state and sector-by-sector. The authors reviewed extensive government documents and useful articles, and consulted with numerous industry experts and government officials to gather all relevant information into a single user manual.

The Green Research Council is a research and advocacy group with a mission to provide empowering information and to be at the cutting edge of green technology, environmental sustainability, and energy conservation issues.

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