Connecticut District Picks MWH Modeling Tools

The Metropolitan District of Connecticut (MDC) has chosen MWH Soft’s InfoSWMM Executive Suite software for its advanced wastewater and stormwater modeling, according to a June 10 press release.

The decision equips MDC with ArcGIS-centric (ESRI, Redlands Calif.) software platform for modeling, designing, and managing its wastewater infrastructure. Since 1929, MDC has managed the Hartford, Conn., region’s water and sewer systems, which were developed in the 1850s. As the region expanded, investments in the system have increased sewer capacity and wastewater treatment capabilities that minimize the impact of sewage on area waterways. To further improve the area’s water quality and help protect the health and safety of citizens during storm events, MDC has now embarked on a $1 billion Clean Water Project.

The project includes three basic elements:

  • reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) with the Hartford central sewer system,
  • eliminate sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) in the sanitary sewers of five adjacent towns, and
  • reduce nitrogen.

The existing sewer systems have more than 38 CSOs and eight active SSOs that release more than 1 billion gallons of wastewater to area waterways. More than 50 times a year, over 30 miles of the Connecticut River are impacted by untreated sewage during storm events.

“The ability to accurately model our sewer systems and provide accurate design and analysis simulations of their hydraulic and hydrologic responses is critical to making informed, cost-effective decisions and optimizing capital planning,” said Constantin Banciulescu, principal engineer at MDC. InfoSWMM is the world’s first and only urban drainage modeling solution to be certified by the National Association of GIS-Centric Software (NAGCS), according to the press release.

“The MDC is tackling an ambitious project — to update a 19th century collection system to 21st century standards — and InfoSWMM is the perfect tool to assist in these efforts,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, president and chief operating officer of MWH Soft. “We’re continuing to see progressive utilities choose the unprecedented power, versatility, and ease of use of our GIS-centric product line for water, sewer, and stormwater modeling.”

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