Routeware, WIH Form Business Services Alliance

Routeware, Inc. and WIH Resource Group (WIH) have formed a strategic business alliance to provide back-end software implementation and business optimization support services to waste management and recycling collection companies in both the private and public sectors.

"The waste industry is constantly seeking ways to improve profits, increase customer retention, and operate more efficiently," said Robert DeKoning, president and chief executive officer of Routeware. "The partnership with WIH Resource Group is a huge step in delivering on those goals. The combination of Routeware's data collection tools and WIH Resource Group's analytical capabilities makes for a powerful combination that will benefit waste haulers throughout the industry."

WIH Resource Group Principal and Vice President of Client Solutions Bob Wallace stated that "...we are pleased to form this strategic business alliance with Routeware. With Routeware's software and hardware technology and WIH Resource Group's implementation and business optimization solutions team, the alliance between the two companies offers waste management and recycling collection companies in the private and public sectors an unprecedented opportunity to significantly improve their operations and profit margins."

WIH Resource Group utilizes a proprietary process known as the Operational Performance Assessment that analyzes customer's operations, leading to client-specific recommendations that can improve their business and operation performance. In concert with Routeware's on-board computing and software analysis tools, waste haulers will now gain unparalleled insight into the metrics that are running their business—and highlight ways to improve.

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