Firm Develops Chinese Drywall Inspection Protocol

The forensic experts at U.S. Building and Consultants, Inc., are in the final stages of developing a protocol for inspection and remediation to the toxic Chinese drywall problem facing the nation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found high levels of toxic chemicals in Chinese drywall, which was possibly installed in more than 100,000 homes between 2001 and 2006.

"We are not surprised that they found samples containing higher levels of strontium and sulfur because strontium sulfide is capable of emitting corrosive gases in moist air which, in our opinion, poses a health concern to homeowners and their families," said Spiderman Mulholland, leading investigator. "It confirms what we have been discovering in Florida homes over the last several months. The physical evidence is overwhelming and needs to be carefully evaluated from a forensic standpoint."

The analysis done by USBCI has identified 11 of 12 compounds that could be considered health concerns, depending on toxicity levels and multiple compound interactions. This does not factor in additional particulates under analysis.

While the Florida Department of Health has not yet concluded that there is a link between health problems and the imported drywall, Mulholland's team has been working with several families that are experiencing medical issues.

"We hope that state officials will quickly come to the same conclusions that we have, that this is indeed a health issue," Mulholland said.

USBCI has an accredited testing facility that can determine toxic-drywall problems.

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