Calif. Homeowner Adapts with Rain Harvesting

Monte Sereno, Calif., resident Jerry Block isn’t having second thoughts about having one of the largest rain collection systems in the Santa Clara Valley installed in his backyard, even if he's saving only a few hundred dollars a year.

Block's rainwater harvesting system has a 20,000 gallon capacity.

According to a recent press release, Block feels sustainability is important. "What if there is an earthquake and what if the drought continues?" Block said. "At least I will have water for my family and neighbors."

News that Sierra snowpack measurements show water content at 81 percent of normal appears to be good, but the Department of Water Resources (DWA) reports that the economic impacts of the California drought -- now in its third year -- will be devastating.

“The overall water supply situation has not improved enough to make up for the two previous dry years and low reservoir conditions,” says Department of Water Resources Director Lester Snow. “Water storage is about five million acre feet below average.”

John Lewis of Rain Harvesting Systems, based in Fremont, Calif., installed four 5,000-gallon rainwater tanks on Block's property. The company used Gutterglove Gutterguard on the roof gutters for filtering out leaves, pine needles, and sand from the four rain tanks.

Rain Harvesting Systems is hosting an open house at the Block’s residence on May 23.

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