Purio Technology Cleans Up Septic Waste in Test

Purio of Blaine, Wash., demonstrated its technology at Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada and an independent lab analysis reported that the system clarified and sanitized the sewage to safe disposal guidelines.

During the demonstration, the transportable water purification system drew a sample from a wastewater septic tank.

Leonard Girard, chief science officer with the company, said: "Our unit was set to process about 2,650 gallons per day and is equipped with on-board testing monitors that display water quality parameters in real-time along the treatment train during operation. Our monitors showed that the water produced was clear, bacteria-free, and sanitary. Purio's plant operators are no strangers to sipping the product water, and on this occasion, several onlookers joined the 'taster's club' and drank the crystal clear water."

The lab tested 56 organic, inorganic, and bacteriological analytes. The raw sewage has an 8.11 pH, 150 NTUs turbidity, 629 milligrams per liter total suspended solids. These were reduced to 6.95 pH, 0.4 NTUs, and less than 1 mg/L. Biological oxygen demand went from 332 mg/l to 44 mg/L, according to the company's press release.