Bend, Ore., Contracts with Optimatics to Update Master Plan

The city of Bend Public Works Department has awarded Optimatics a major contract to optimize its water system, according to an April 7 press release.

Optimatics will apply its proprietary optimization and pipe criticality technologies to optimize Bend’s water system operations, as well as develop an optimized capital and operational improvement plan to meet future demands. The city recognizes that a formal optimization analysis of operations and infrastructure improvements is needed to identify the most efficient operating strategy and cost-effective improvement plan and agrees that the company's technology and services are best suited to fulfill these requirements.

Located in central Oregon at the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Bend has a population of just over 80,000. The city is located near high quality water sources that supply its system, which comprises a surface water intake facility, 23 groundwater wells, 15 finished water storage reservoirs, 5 booster pump stations, transmission and distribution mains, and associated appurtenances. The system includes 11 primary pressure zones serving water system customers.

Optimatics and partner Murray, Smith and Associates will provide the city with a comprehensive update of its master plan, including model calibration, pipe criticality analysis, optimization of current operations, and optimization of an ultimate build-out demand scenario. The project outcomes will be more efficient system operations, improved water quality, increased levels of service, and an optimized build-out master plan that minimizes capital costs of future infrastructure improvements and associated operating costs. The capital improvement projects to be implemented in the first 10 years of the plan will be prioritized according to need and available funding.