EVI Offers Electric Vehicles Now

Electric Vehicles International (EVI) recently unveiled its "Road Ready" EV/HEV, class 3-6, commercial vehicles to the U.S. market. Fleet owners now have access to new opportunities including federal tax incentives that range from $7,500 to $15,000 per vehicle. EVI offers a custom line of class 3-6 commercial electric vehicles, and provides the option of converting existing fleets to EV or HEV.

EVI was started in California in 1989 through funding from the state. The company began research and development in the field of alternative energy transportation solutions some two decades ago. EVI is dedicated to making EV/HEV viable now, which has lead to a doubling of its production capabilities.

To find out more about EV or HEV vehicles or how to convert existing fleets, visit www.evi-usa.com.

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