Clean Water Restoration Act Supporters Send Letter to Obama

More than 160 leading freshwater scientists and engineers sent a letter on Feb. 25 to President Obama urging his support for the Clean Water Restoration Act.

According to those supporters, the legislation is urgently needed to ensure that Clean Water Act protections are provided to the nation's vast array of headwater streams and wetlands; waters that are critical for clean drinking water, public safety, and fish and wildlife habitat. Protection of these waters is at risk due to recent Supreme Court decisions that called into question the scientific relationship between these vitally important wetlands and large rivers downstream.

Rebecca Wodder, president of American Rivers, made the following statement:

"Congress recognized the importance of protecting small steams and wetlands 37 years ago when it passed the Clean Water Act with the intent of protecting all of the nation's waters. Tragically, the Clean Water Act is now broken. Only Congress can fix this problem, and we urge President Obama to take a vital leadership role on this issue, and advise Congress to immediately pass the Clean Water Restoration Act."

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