Cemtrex Expands into Water Quality Business

Cemtrex Inc. announced on Feb. 17 that a new line of water quality monitors has been added to its portfolio of monitoring instruments.

The Mercury Process Analyzer PA-2 is used for continuous monitoring of mercury concentrations in industrial processes. Applications include effluent and quality control in chlorine-alkali plants, monitoring of scrubber water of waste incinerators and power plants, control of industrial sewage and purification plants, quality control of sulphuric acid, and drinking water.

"We are already a leading supplier of air monitors for exhaust stack gases, and now with our PA-2 Mercury Analyzer added to our portfolio, we have entered into a growing and lucrative water quality monitoring business," said Arun Govil, chief executive officer and president of Cemtrex Inc.

"Our PA-2 Mercury Analyzer represents state-of-the-art technology and is the most advanced and cost-effective instrument in the market," says Ravi Narayan, Cemtrex's vice president and general manager of the company's Monitoring Instruments Process (MIP) division. "Some of the potential markets for Cemtrex water quality monitors include Fluorescent Lamp Recycling, Precious Metals & Mine Atmosphere, Natural Gas Processing, and Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Manufacturing Plants, just to name a few."