Filters Help Truckers Meet Calif. TRU Rules

RYPOS is offering a complete line of diesel particulate filters designed to retrofit existing tractor trailers for compliance with newly enforceable California transport refrigeration unit (TRU) emissions regulations.

The regulations moved forward with the Jan. 19 waiver by the U.S. EPA, allowing the state to enforce the reduction of toxic diesel emissions from tens of thousands of refrigeration units mounted on big rigs. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations require all approximately 40,000 TRU engines on the road in California, including those traveling from outside the state, to have emission control technology that is less than seven years old. For model year 2001 and older TRUs, the compliance date is July 19.

"The RYPOS LETRU active exhaust filtration systems and the Proventia FTF passive flow-through systems reduce harmful particulate matter emissions around trucking facilities, protecting the health of trucking industry employees and those who work in and around the trucking industry," commented Peter Bransfield, chief executive officer.

A highly effective self-cleaning diesel exhaust filter, the RYPOS LETRU uses electrical power from the TRU to regenerate the filter when needed. This new product will be CARB-verified to Low Emission (LE) standards for Carrier TRUs. The Proventia FTF is a passive wall flow filter that uses engine exhaust temperature to regenerate the filter. Exclusively distributed in North America by RYPOS, it is currently CARB-verified to LE standards for use with Thermo King TRUs.

The LE CARB Verification states that during extensive tests, the filter reduced particulate matter by 50 percent or more on transport refrigeration units using diesel engines. Diesel particulate matter constitutes 70 percent of the airborne carcinogens in California's air. Once fully implemented in 2020, the California regulation will eliminate 2,000 tons of diesel particulate matter.

RYPOS Inc. is a privately held company with operations in Holliston, Mass., and Long Beach, Calif. Founded in 1996 by a distinguished group of scientists and entrepreneurs, RYPOS has spent the past several years developing, testing, and bringing to market advances in diesel particulate filter technology.