Envista Corp. Tops 50,000 Projects since Launch

Envista Corporation, a provider of Web-based software for infrastructure project coordination, on Jan. 27 announced its first milestone of maintaining information on more than 50,000 built infrastructure projects since its launch in May 2008.

The company introduced the first technology to help municipalities, utilities, and highway agencies work together efficiently while conducting infrastructure work in the "right of way". The company is currently working with more than 38 towns, utilities, and transportation agencies from the United States and Canada in pilot programs or as subscribers, including the city of Baltimore, Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., Providence Water Supply Board, and others.    

The software combines Internet mapping, spatial database, and Web 2.0 tools. Project leaders can view all projects on a map, see what work is planned in a specific geographic location, instantly troubleshoot potential conflicts, and effectively manage and coordinate the close interdependencies of local infrastructure.

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