Clovis Customers Get Rebate for Landscaping

New Mexico American Water has announced a new rebate program for residential customers in Clovis, N.M.. The Residential Landscape Rebate Program will offer rebates of 40 cents per square foot to customers who replace high water-using grass lawns with low water-using landscapes. Customers are eligible for rebates of up to $800 under this new program. The rebate will be issued as a credit on customers' bills.

"The landscape rebates are a great value for customers," said New Mexico American Water General Manager Kathy Wright. "In addition to receiving up to an $800 credit, reduced water use will allow customers to see substantial savings on their water bill every month."

The landscaping rebate is designed for customers replacing between 500 and 2,000 square feet of grass lawn with low water using xeriscaping or other appropriate landscaping. In order to ensure compliance, customers landscaping will be inspected by New Mexico American Water employees and customers will be asked to follow state-approved plant guides.

"Water is a vital resource for Clovis and I want to help people reduce water use," said Wright. "The fact is we are all going to need to tighten our belts a bit to make sure we have a stable supply into the future."

New Mexico American Water draws water from 59 wells in the Ogallala Aquifer and delivers it to about 14,825 customers in the Clovis area. Since 2003, the static water levels in New Mexico American Water's 53 wells in the Ogallala Aquifer have declined an average of three feet per well per year. Annual well production rates are decreasing, on average, 16 gallons per minute per well, or about a 10 percent decrease in annual output.

Without developing new sources of water supply now, the area may experience a water supply deficit within four years. One of the most cost effective "new sources" of water is conservation. In addition to landscape rebates, New Mexico American Water offers a variety of services and programs including free water-saving devices for the home and rebates for water efficient toilets and washers. Since 2006, Clovis customers have partnered with New Mexico American Water to reduce actual water use by 2 percent.

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