JWC Expands to Benefit East Coast Customers

A rising number of orders for Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® grinders has led JWC Environmental to expand its Georgia facility by 7,700 square feet, bringing the total manufacturing space to 20,000 square feet.  Wastewater and sludge grinders are already rolling off the expanded assembly line.

The additional space in Buford allows JWC to increase its manufacturing capacity as well as repair and ship grinders to East Coast customers at a faster rate. The expansion also allows the company to add more inventory and staffing to the facility.

"The target is to double monthly grinder shipments over the next 12 months," said Mark Upton, director of operations. "JWC is rapidly expanding, and we want to respond to our customers with lightning speed -- whether they need service or a new unit."

"The expansion will increase safety, production, and help us maintain the JWC standard of quality," added Richard Woznick, operations manager for Georgia. "Most importantly it allows us to focus more on our customers."

The company also is expanding the Georgia leadership team.  Woznick was promoted to his current position and will focus on production, staffing, and inventory control. The company hired James King has as production supervisor and will help oversee repairs, assembly, and quality control.