Inland Pipe Acquires Underground Technologies

Detroit, Mich.-based Inland Pipe Rehabilitation has acquired Underground Technologies, Inc, a Knoxville, Tenn.-headquartered, and Houston, Texas established, pipe rehabilitation provider. Joseph A. Cutillo, president and chief executive officer of Inland Pipe Rehabilitation, made the announcement recently.

The acquisition is a result of Inland Pipe Rehabilitation’s expansion efforts and desire to develop the company’s roster of underground rehabilitation solutions.

Underground Technologies specializes in pipe bursting and slip-lining trenchless replacement methods and has experienced exceptional growth in Texas and the Southeast region of the United States. The company is committed to providing innovative solutions and cost-saving trenchless replacement for national pipe installation projects.

Inland Pipe Rehabilitation has expanded its solution offerings and locations dramatically since 2006 through the acquisitions of Ontario, Calif.-based RePipe and Houston, Texas-based PM Construction, both of which now operate as affiliates of Inland Pipe Rehabilitation.