Data Show Searches for Bulky-Item Recycling Up

November 15 may be America Recycles Day, but recycling stays top of mind for many Americans each day of the year, with more than 10 million references for "Recycling Centers" in the Yellow Pages annually.

Aluminum claims the top spot of materials people want to recycle. Yellow Pages data show that 21 percent of total calls are from users looking for information about where to recycle aluminum.

"For many, aluminum cans are the starting point for recycling," said Amy Healy, director of public policy for the Yellow Pages Association (YPA). "Most people know that aluminum should be recycled, and oftentimes, recycling aluminum puts some extra money in your pocket."

What else are Americans recycling? According to the YPA, bulky items such as auto parts, computers, VCRs, and refrigerators account for 20 percent of the references. Six years ago, bulky items didn't even register as a reference for local searches.

Yellow Pages data show who references recycling the most and where they live. "Directionally, the data show that users of the 'Recycling Centers' heading in Yellow Pages are more likely to be between the ages of 25 and 34, have an income between $25,000 and $60,000, reside in a household with three or more persons, and reside at their current address for less than a year," said Larry Small, director of research for the YPA.

"Geographically, the 'Recycling Centers' heading is referenced most in smaller metropolitan areas across the Midwest and West census regions."

To find a local recycling facility, Small recommends searching the Yellow Pages for "Recycling Centers," as well as "Landfills-Sanitary," "Waste Disposal Reduction & Recycling," and "Environment & Ecological Services."

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