China Co. to Build Straw Pulp Alkali Recovery System

China Energy Recovery, Inc. a leader in waste heat energy recovery , has executed contracts for designing and manufacturing the world's largest straw pulp alkali recovery system in alliance with CMIIC Engineering & Construction Corporation, one of China's largest industrial construction firms, according to a Nov. 6 press release.

The recovery system is a key part of the Shandong Hai River Basin Pollution Control Project sponsored by the Asian Development Bank. The total project cost is estimated to be approximately US$13.9 million, of which approximately US$11.6 million represents the estimated cost for the alkali recovery system that CER will design and manufacture leveraging its own technology.

The system is to be built for Shandong Tralin Group, one of the top paper manufacturers in China. The CER technology will treat the toxic residual black liquor generated from the pulp making process to create cleaner discharge. The system is designed to process 1,200 tons of black liquor per day and is expected to enable Tralin to meet the government mandate on minimizing pollutant discharge.

The system is also designed to generate 145 tons of steam per hour. This is equivalent to nearly 12 MW of heat energy-generation capacity and is expected to enable Tralin to reduce the cost of purchasing steam from outside vendors needed to power its paper making facility. Additionally, the system is expected to recover 195 tons of alkali per day, which can be reused in the pulp making process, thus further reducing material costs.

"We expect that the system will be the largest of its kind in the world upon completion and designed and developed entirely based on our own technology. This signifies an important milestone for our further expansion in the market of waste treatment and energy recovery of the paper-making industry both in China and abroad," commented CER Chair and Chief Executive Officer Qinghuan Wu. "We're pleased to see that both the Asian Development Bank and Shandong Tralin Group have seen the value that CER can bring to them by endorsing our technology and system which we believe can specifically address their problems."