Study Ranks States on Building Energy Efficiency

Maine leads the country in office building energy efficiency, followed by Massachusetts and New Hampshire according to a study just released by energy economist, author and Texas A&M University professor Jerry Jackson, Ph.D. State rankings below reflect the percent of office buildings that exceed EPA's Energy Star standard and provide the first quantitative evidence of state level cost savings.

The top 10 states in the study's ranking are (in order): Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Nevada, New York, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey.

"This ranking is important because it provides the first assessment of efficiency achievements in individual states and, more importantly, uncovers how much efficiency potential still exists," said Jackson, author of Energy Budgets at Risk (EBaR)®: A Risk Management Approach to Energy Purchase and Efficiency Choice.

"Maine's efficiency score shows that 41.7 percent of office buildings exceed the Energy Star standard with electricity use and cost savings of 29.9 percent compared to the least efficient states. However, even in Maine, 58.3 percent of office buildings can still upgrade to the Energy Star standard."

The complete state rankings are available in the report, "State-Level Office Building Energy Efficiency Rankings" ( ).

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