Siemens' R&D Center Grows Asia Pacific Business

Siemens Water Technologies in Singapore has started providing water treatment solutions and services in Southeast Asia, India, and China.

"We expand our business network out from Singapore with innovative products, water treatment solutions, and operational services in order to reinforce our local presence and our proximity to the customer", explained Chuck Gordon, chief executive officer of Siemens Water Technologies.

Gordon, in a recent press release, said he is expecting "considerable" further growth in the Asia Region thanks to establishing the worldwide R&D Center of Water Technologies in Singapore. "Unlike elsewhere Singapore public authorities and research institutes have proactively identified the urgency of water management and the need for innovative technological solutions and services", Gordon said. This provides an ideal background for further expansion of business.

In another announcement, Siemens said it will develop an innovative seawater desalination technology that could cut energy consumption by at least 50 percent compared to existing desalination technologies.

Singapore's Environment and Water Industry Development Council awarded $4 million (Singapore dollars) research grant for the project.

"We truly consider this developing technology a breakthrough in the desalination market — with significant global implications on water resource management and the wider use of desalination in the future," said Gordon.

The company also announced it will work with the Singapore PUB on a full-scale membrane bioreactor (MBR) testing facility at the Changi Water Reclamation Plant. The new, 1-million-liter-per-day system will treat domestic wastewater and test new innovative design parameters for Siemen's MBR system. PUB will provide the location for the new plant, while Siemens will be responsible for all operation and maintenance aspects of the validation plant.

The company will establish a joint Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory with the Institute of High Performance Computing, a research institute within Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Both partners want to research fluid dynamics of water treatment processes to improve efficiency of equipment and treatment technology and reduce lifecycle costs of operation.

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