Onsite Treatment System Puts Algae to Work

Oldcastle Precast, a precast concrete supplier, has developed a new onsite wastewater treatment system at its Hartford City, Ind., plant. Onsite wastewater systems are used in instances where connections to municipal sanitary sewers are not practical or possible.

Oldcastle's product, the Oldcastle Precast Onsite Wastewater System, features patented Algaewheel® technology, which treats wastewater to a significantly better quality level prior to discharge to a typical drainage field. The system is designed to protect the drainage field from the most common reasons for failure -- hydraulic and/or organic overloading.

"Virtually maintenance free, the innovative system is unique in its use of energy from the sun and carbon dioxide from the air to grow algae and digest nutrients in the wastewater," explains Steve Kingsland, national product manager.

The system is designed to be simple and dependable. Made from off-the-shelf components, it uses recycled materials, has a basic modular design for ease of expansion and to provide wastewater treatment to any desired quality level, and uses significantly less energy than other advanced treatment systems.

Oldcastle Precast has a national agreement with Indianapolis-based Algaewheel, Inc. to bring Algaewheel® technology to market as part of onsite wastewater treatment systems. The system is best suited to commercial and cluster-housing applications.

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