WERF Seeks Research Council Volunteers

The Water Environment Research Foundation is seeking thought leaders from academia, wastewater and stormwater utilities, equipment manufacturing, and consulting sectors to serve on its Research Council starting in January 2009. The Research Council is a body of 12 senior technical advisers, appointed by the Board of Directors, that helps to create the vision for current and future wastewater, stormwater, and other water quality-related research. The Research Council also provides oversight and coordination across WERF's research portfolio and develops recommendations for funding of research programs.

Research Council members are volunteers and may serve up to two three-year terms. WERF's conflict of interest and non-disclosure policies apply. WERF covers travel expenses for council meetings (two per year) and for all sponsored liaison activities to WERF research programs.

If interested, please forward your curriculum vitae and a brief letter of interest no later than July 15 to Dan Woltering, Director of Research at dwoltering@werf.org.

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