Company Sells Systems for Arkansas Oil Wells

SIONIX Corp. of Irvine, Calif., on June 12 announced it has received a purchase order from Innovated Water Equipment, Inc., for two Elixir 225/RO Water Treatment Systems at a price of $1.8 million per unit.

The buyer, a Little Rock, Ark.-based master distributor of SIONIX and servicer of oil drilling companies, plans to use the desalination systems to separate petroleum and reduce the salt content, among other things, from the brine water discharge from its clients' oil wells for reuse by the client or to be safely returned to the environment.

"We chose this system after deliberating how to effectively and efficiently return the water generated from drilling into the environment in the preferable manner for water reclamation," said Jeffrey Mann, president if Innovated Water Equipment. "While other systems required longer lead times and costly installation, they were unable to meet the required specifications. The Elixir 225/RO's portability and self-contained design fit our application better than any of the alternatives."

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