EPA Combines Databases on Web Site

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a new database/Web site for water quality assessment and total maximum daily loads information.

Known as ATTAINS, the site combines two formerly separate databases: the National Assessment Database (for water quality assessment information reported by the states under Section 305(b)), and the National Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) Tracking System (for impaired waters information reported by the states under Section 303(d)). The site includes

• state-reported information on support of designated uses;
• identified causes and sources of impairment;
• identified impaired waters; and
• status of actions (TMDLs) to restore impaired waters.

The Web site allows the user to view dynamic, continuously-updated tables and charts that summarize state-reported information for the nation as a whole, for individual states and waters, and for the 10 EPA regions. Check it out http://www.epa.gov/waters/ir.