Jiffy Lube to Ensure Calif. Facilities Don't Leak

During annual inspections, local compliance officers in California discovered that Jiffy Lube employees were not properly inspecting containers to ensure that receptacles could keep oil and antifreeze from leaking into the environment. They also found that employees were not regularly checking containers to ensure that the receptacles did not exceed their carrying capacity.

California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. on May 7 announced that Jiffy Lube International has improved its operations to ensure that oil and antifreeze is properly contained at its local oil change facilities.

"Some employees were not regularly inspecting their storage containers to prevent oil and antifreeze from spilling or leaking," Brown said. "Under today's agreement, Jiffy Lube will launch a program to ensure that storage containers are in good working order to avoid spills and overflows."

Brown joined 11 counties in announcing the statewide agreement with Jiffy Lube International, resolving allegations that some of its oil change centers did not follow precautions to protect the environment from oil and antifreeze spills.
Under the agreement, Jiffy Lube will launch a training program for all employees to ensure compliance with state and local environmental laws. The company will also have a third-party consultant conduct audits to ensure compliance with environmental laws. The company will ensure that all facilities have to proper equipment for storing used and unused motor oil and antifreeze.

Any current Jiffy Lube-operated facility that does not have a container suitable for storage of used motor oil will stop collecting used motor oil until a suitable container is on site. The company will revoke any franchise agreement if there are three uncorrected violations of environmental regulations.

The agreement covers more than 300 Jiffy Lube locations across California.

Jiffy Lube cooperated with state inspectors by voluntarily disclosing voluminous records pertaining to the ownership and operation of Jiffy Lube oil change facilities in California. The company also agreed to pay $500,000 as civil penalties, costs, and attorneys' fees.

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