Moore Industries Seeks Old Products in Service

Moore Industries of North Hills., Calif., is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and is trying to find the oldest of its products that are still in service.

Founded in 1968 by Leonard W. Moore, the company started out as a three-person operation in a garage in California and now has offices worldwide.

Moore Industries began by making signal conditioners. "After working in the instrumentation industry for a few years, I saw a market for tough, reliable, noise-resistant signal conditioners," said Moore, who is still president of the company. "Drawing on my experience in the control center fabrication industry, we set out to build the best signal conditioners in the world."

The tradition of building the highest quality, most rugged instrumentation on the market continues to this day. Recently, several of Moore Industries' products—including the NET Concentrator System smart I/O system—logged an astounding three years in an environmental chamber, running at temperatures approaching the boiling point of water. The Highly Accelerated Life Test shows that, as of February 2008, the instrumentation had logged the equivalent of 171,000 hours without failure—almost 20 years—and the test continues. The goal is to reach 300,000 hours, or 34 years of continuous service.

It stands to reason that many older products are probably still in service—maybe even going back to the 1968 Model SCT signal conditioner, one of the first products—and the company wants to find them. Moore Industries is offering $500 in merchandise to the top three companies that can prove they are still using the oldest products. To submit an entry, send an email to by Aug. 1, 2008.

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