Survey: People Are Taking Action for Environment

Concern about the environment and global warming is not only influencing how consumers live their lives, but also impacting their buying habits.

In a survey by BuzzBack Market Research, 72 percent of those asked said they used energy efficient light bulbs and 57 percent said they purchased recycled products. But much work still needs to be done to change attitudes among consumers as less than 10 percent say they buy products only from "green" companies.

BuzzBack conducted a survey among 1,141 people in the United States and United Kingdom to learn how they are changing their lives to be more "green" or environmentally conscious.

About half of those surveyed agree completely/somewhat "that the environment is the most important issue and are willing to make sacrifices such as convenience, comfort, or cost savings in order to support the environment."

When it comes to using products to improve the environment, U.S. consumers say they do the following more often than not:

• 72 percent use energy efficient light bulbs
• 70 percent turn down the thermostat
• 71 percent recycle paper
• 68 percent turn off electric appliances rather than leave them on stand-by
• 67 percent take more showers than baths to conserve water
• 57 percent recycle glass
• 57 percent purchase recycled products
• 55 percent purchase recycled paper
• 51 percent purchase refill products
• 38 percent use less household chemicals
• 36 percent walk short distances rather than drive
• 31 percent buy organic fruit or vegetables
• 20 percent take fewer flights
• 15 percent buy organic meat
• 6 percent only buy products from companies they consider "green"
• 4 percent use a hybrid car

About three-quarters in both the United States and United Kingdom are 'extremely/slightly' worried about global warming. More U.K. consumers are 'slightly' worried, and nearly two-thirds of these have made changes to things they do or buy as a result. In the United States, among those worried about global warming, only half have made changes to what they do or buy.

BuzzBack Market Research, a New York City Internet consumer research and marketing firm, developed the study when several clients asked about sustainability and issues related to environmental consumerism.

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