Alcoa Explains Aluminum Recycling Via Internet

Alcoa has launched a new corporate recycling Web site detailing how aluminum recycling is part of the clean air solution.

The Web site,, explains why it's important to recycle and how recycling helps the environment and the economy. A video explains how the ultimate recyclable package – the aluminum beverage can – is recycled and brought back to the grocery shelf in 60 days or less as a brand new soda can. Recycled aluminum requires 95 percent less energy to produce and can be recycled many times, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The Web site also provides tools to find recycling centers, links to recycling organizations, information on how to become an Alcoa-approved recycler, fun facts, an interactive recycling blog, and a selection of YouTube videos from recycling enthusiasts.

Alcoa pioneered the recycling of aluminum 30 years ago when it formed Alcoa Recycling Company, when the popularity of aluminum cans began to explode. Today, the U.S. recycling rate is among the lowest in the world even though Americans are the biggest users of aluminum beverage cans.

"At that time and today our mission is the same: to help the public understand the importance of recycling. But today recycling is even more critical, because recycling aluminum is a key element to slow and stop the growth of greenhouse gases caused by power generation. Recycling aluminum is the smart choice," said Greg Wittbecker, director, Alcoa Metal Recycling Strategy.

Alcoa has also called upon aluminum industry leaders to raise the used beverage can recycling rate in North America to 75 percent by 2015 from its current level of 52 percent. In addition, with the goal of boosting recycling and energy savings, Alcoa upgraded its Tennessee Operations by installing environmental and fuel-efficient technologies to expand recycling capacity by nearly 50 percent.

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