State Steps Up Mercury Elimination Strategy

Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality released on Jan. 30 a comprehensive strategy to eliminate the use and release of mercury to the environment. The department's Mercury Strategy Staff Report proposes a comprehensive approach to controlling mercury, including environmental monitoring, inventory development, collaborations and partnerships, information and outreach, and regulatory controls.

The report provides an overview of the mercury problem and identifies current sources that contribute to mercury releases and various methods for reducing and eliminating those sources. It also outlines state rules, regulations, policies, and monitoring activities for mercury and chronicles various actions undertaken to prevent the use and release of mercury.

"This strategy brings Michigan to the forefront as a leader in mercury elimination," said Director Steven E. Chester. "We look forward to developing partnerships with groups across Michigan to address this challenge and make the strategy a success."

The report was developed by a team of department staff from the air, water, waste, pollution prevention, and remediation programs. It is available at

Comments regarding partnerships and priorities on the strategy will be received until March 26 and can be submitted by mail, e-mail, or fax to Sheila Blais, DEQ, Air Quality Division, 525 West Allegan St., 3rd Floor North, P.O. Box 30260, Lansing, MI 48909;; (517) 241-7499 (fax).

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