NGWA Plans Summit, Offers Drought Resources

The National Ground Water Association's 2008 Ground Water Summit will be March 30-April 3 in Memphis, Tenn., and will feature 20 sessions covering the latest in ground water science, technology, and ground water policy.

The 4th annual meeting will include the Darcy forum, "Carbon Sequestration: Opportunities and Challenges," and Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecturer Michael Celia, Ph.D., of Princeton University, who will speak on "Geological Storage as a Carbon Mitigation Option."

Edward Sudicky, Ph.D., University of Waterloo, and NGWA's 2007 M. King Hubbert Award recipient, is the keynote speaker. He will deliver a talk on "Simulation of Flow and Contaminant Transport in Surface-subsurface Flow Systems in a Fully Integrated Framework."

To learn more, visit and click on Events & Education.

At the Web site, visitors also can find information on how to face drought issues. The association created a new page on its site with links to free, downloadable articles related to planning for and managing drought.

The Web page can be accessed via the Public/Media tab and clicking on the "Drought-related information repository" link.

The articles will be available for downloading for a limited time and include topics ranging from conservation and managing perpetual drought to long-range water supply planning and groundwater in urban environments. Sample titles include:

    * Aquifer Storage and Recovery-Water Management for The Future

    * Consumer Response to Drought: The Impact of Public Education Campaigns

    * Developing a Staged Response for Drought Management

    * Realistic Impacts of Water Conservation on Facilities Planning

    * Water Conservation and the Political Process: Strategies for Policy Making.

A more extensive article search on drought-related information can be conducted using the Web site's search engine. The association is based in Westerville, Ohio.

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