Group Launches Free, Searchable Database for Energy Information

On Aug. 21, the Network for New Energy Choices announced the launch of the beta version of National Energy Research Database (NERD). The NERD is a free online research library for renewable and conventional energy. The database compiles academic studies, technical reports and research articles from the government and non-profit groups into a single, searchable database. NNEC is releasing the beta version so that users can help turn NERD into the most comprehensive energy research library on the net.

  • NERD contains reports that run the gamut of energy topics and issues.
  • The "My Folder" function helps organize searches that are important to you.
  • One-stop, simple registration means that retrieving searches is a breeze (saving valuable memory and desktop clutter).
  • Access to the beta version of NERD allows users to collect reports on their special interest.


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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2007 issue of Environmental Protection.

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