Partnership to Certify Plumbing Products for Federal Water Conservation Program

On April 6, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced a partnership with EPA to provide testing and certification services for plumbing products under the agency's WaterSense program.

As an EPA-approved certification organization, UL works with manufacturers to help them obtain the WaterSense label for plumbing products that demonstrate at least 20 percent greater efficiency in water use. The WaterSense label is currently available for high-efficiency toilets and irrigation-control technologies, and the agency plans to include other product categories in the near future.

"In the growing market for environmentally responsible products, UL is positioned to help manufacturers compete more effectively," said Ann Marie Gebhart, UL water program director. "In addition to participating in the development of codes and standards, UL's expertise in certifying products for the plumbing industry spans more than 75 years."

A recent government survey found that 36 states anticipate local, regional or statewide water shortages by 2013. EPA launched the WaterSense program in 2006 to address this issue by encouraging manufacturers to produce high-efficiency products and services that conserve water. WaterSense is a voluntary labeling program available to all companies that manufacture, sell or distribute household plumbing fixtures.

Certified products will be included on an EPA product registry and will bear the WaterSense label. In addition, UL will list all products certified for WaterSense at

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