Native Americans Meet Up to Discuss Effects of Climate Change

Native Americans from Maine to Washington state convened for a conference this week at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. Their goal: To discuss the effects of climate change on tribal communities.

Environment, Economy at Heart of Keystone XL Pipeline Debate

A Canadian company wants to build a $13 billion, 1,700-mile pipeline to carry crude oil from the so-called tar sands region in Alberta through six states and a major aquifer to Texas for refining.

Scorched Earth

Drought blankets more than half the United States.

Deadly Black Lung Disease Rises Among Coal Miners

Despite legislation meant to enact safety practices to prevent coal miners from getting black lung disease, workers are still being exposed to high levels of dust.

The Global Health Crisis at Rio + Social

Dr. Alain Labrique of Johns Hopkins speaks about the current global health crisis at Rio + Social. Rio + Social was held the night before Rio+20.

Song for the Environment

Singer Erik Wennergrens has released his debut single to raise awareness about the environment. He is releasing the song ahead of the UN's upcoming conference on sustainable development, RIO + 20.

Horrible Smell Afflicts Seaside Town

Residents in Stonington, Conn. are complaining about an overwhelming smell on their shoreline. They say rotten seaweed has landed on the beach, causing it to attract flies and smell like rotten eggs.

In Louisiana, Rising Sea Levels Threaten Native Americans' Land

Native Americans' tribal lands along the Louisiana coast are washing away as sea levels rise and marshes sink. PBS NewsHour reports.


The Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Fracking

Kevin Pereira, host of G4's Attack of the Show, talks to Cornell engineering professor Tony Ingraffea about the dangers of hydraulic fracking.

Seed Project

Seed Project Allows People to Plant Seeds and Create Art Across the Planet

The Seed Project is a global environmental installation where people plant seeds creating individual art projects around the planet.

Solar Panels

How to Add Solar Panels to Your Home

Michelle Waldgeir, representative of one of the largest vendors of solar panels on the East Coast, speaks to Patch about breaking down the process of solar panels and what consumers should expect.

Supreme Court Arguments Over Texas Environmental Rules

PBS NewsHour broadcasts the Supreme Court arguments on Texas redistricting environmental rules.

Green Bottles

CNBC reports on the importance of using plant-based materials, as opposed to plastics, for bottling.

Alternative Energy with Greener Solar Cells

Kansas State University doctoral student, Ayomi Perera, was awarded a $500 scholarship for her research on how to make alternative energy a little greener. Here she explains her research.