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Analyzing Fault and Fracture Stability to Prevent Major Safety and Environmental Incidents: Asset

Preventing major safety and environmental incidents including induced earthquakes, well shearing and fluid loss is critical. The Fault and Fracture Stability module in JewelSuite 6 GeoMechanics allows users to assess the stability of faults, fracture networks and caprock. The module contains workflows that lead you step-by-step through the processes.

2016 TEEA Winner Civic/Community: Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Beach and Marsh Restoration: Asset

In a small town where relationships truly matter, a community embarked on a collaborative quest to restore a once flourishing ecosystem. A diverse coalition of citizens, landowners, federal and state agencies, non-profit groups, engineering firms and educational institutions led by researchers with Texas A&M AgriLife Research were assembled in 2013 with the goal of restoring a large area of salt marsh wetlands that was degrading and eroding.

Oil Boss Animation: Asset

This 2016 Abanaki Corp. video showcases the Oil Boss Oil Skimmer Animation you've been waiting for, now with 100 percent more words. For more information on the Oil Boss and its coolant removal capabilities, visit www.abanaki.com.

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