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Spill Preparedness Control Center (SPCC)

Spill Preparedness Control Center

Spill Preparedness Control Center

Andax Industries LLC has a new patent on its color-coded Spill Preparedness Control Center (SPCC). The color-coded labeling system of the SPCC ensures the correct Spill Pac will be used every time. This system consists of four Spill Pacs with unique color-coded labeling with matching color-coded equipment labels. Potential leak sources can be identified by placing color-coded labels on equipment before a spill or leak occurs. In the event of a spill, just grab the matching color-coded Pac for the equipment label to have the exact sorbents and pads needed to contain and clean up the spill or leak. The SPCC System includes four vacuum-packed Spill Pacs: The orange Combo Pac, yellow Chemical & Hazmat Pac, blue Oil & Oil-Based Pac and the pink Battery Pac. Each Pac will contain or clean up to a 10 gallon spill.

    New Pig Corp.


    PIG LEAKTRAPPER is a universal absorbent bag designed to secure leaking nozzles, faucets and valves. The bag captures the leaks and drips at their source before they hit the ground or contaminate soil. It contains low-profile PIG Mat pads held in place by a permeable inner liner. The PIG Mat pads soak up and retain oils, coolants, solvents and water even when the bag is turned upside down. The bag also provides an extra level of containment for liquid that leaches from oversaturated absorbents.

      Advanced Drainage Systems

      Leaching Chamber

      Leaching Chamber

      ADS’s 36LP is a plastic leaching chamber designed for challenging installations, such as those in high groundwater conditions or with other site restrictions. The chamber’s 20-degree integral articulating joint works in straight or contoured septic leach field applications. The product incorporates a “lock and drop” joint that provides a more positive connection during installation and backfill, and also features a universal inlet/outlet end cap, two inspection vent ports with easy-to-remove knockouts and diamond plate texture for slip resistance.

        New Pig Corp.


        Universal Mat with Chuck Box

        New Pig’s Universal Mats with Chuck Boxes include heavyweight Universal PIG Mat pads, a mat dispenser, disposal bags and storage container. Constructed from 100 percent polypropylene, the mat absorbs and retains oils, coolants and water and will not leave trapped liquids or fiber residue behind. The dispenser box provides storage of and access to Mat while protecting its contents from dirt and moisture. The Chuck Box is used to store used absorbents until they can be disposed of properly.

          Newstripe Inc.

          Oil Filter Crusher

          Newstripe, Inc.'s FilterFlat converts used oil filters from EPA hazardous material into recyclable metal and oil. To install the device, the user need only provide shop air and a workbench or table. To use it, the user places the used filter inside, closes the safety interlock door, and crushes it. The device has 24,000 pounds of force that can reduce a 9-inch filter to less than 2 inches in 45 seconds. It sells for $895.

            Dakota Technologies

            Laser-induced Fluorescence Systems

            Dakota Technologies is now making its Ultra-Violet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST™) available to qualified field service providers. It has incorporated 15 years of laser-induced fluorescence screening tool experience into a product designed specifically for characterization of fuels, oils, and associated polyaromatic hydrocarbon-containing NAPLS. The 308-nm excitation laser excites the PAHs in nearly all petroleum products. Designed specifically for percussion-driven, direct push platforms such as Geoprobe® and PowerProbe™, the system is also compatible with CPT rigs. Each patented system includes the UVOST instrument, a ruggedized field PC, fiber optic cables, tools, custom software, and documentation – everything needed to conduct LIF logging of petroleum source terms. Employees of companies that purchase a system will receive complete training and must pass a comprehensive examination prior to receiving certification.

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