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Green-Dex with Eco Best Technology

The inventors of the world’s first disposable nitrile glove, N-DEX, now bring you the world’s first biodegradable disposable nitrile glove, Green-Dex. Showa Best Glove’s Research & Development reaches a major breakthrough with Eco Best Technology (EBT). EBT accelerates the biodegradation of nitrile in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters as validated by independent certified laboratories using internationally recognized test methods. EBT is composed of organic materials designed to make GREEN-DEX attractive to microbial activity. These microorganisms upon consuming the EBT material excrete enzymes that depolymerize the nitrile. The final result is biogases and inert humus.


    Calgon Carbon Corp.

    UV Disinfection System

    Calgon Carbon Corp.'s C3500™D Ultraviolet Disinfection system is designed specifically for water reuse applications. Computational Fluid Dynamics were used to optimize the germicidal efficiency of the reactor by varying the device's lamp spacing as well as the size, shape, and quantity of its delta-shaped mixing devices. The patent-pending design increases the hydraulic efficiency of the reactor by uniformly exposing the water to the required UV dose while minimizing head loss.

      Severn Trent Services

      UV Disinfection

      The MicroDynamics® Closed Vessel Microwave Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system is suitable for use in treating municipal water and wastewater, cooling tower water, industrial water, and Cryptosporidium. Its electrodeless lamps operate at similar pressures and temperatures to traditional low pressure lamps. A single MicroDynamics CV02 system can treat flow rates up to 6,000 m3/d. The system has been validated for a log 4 Cryptosporidium credit by HydroQual Environmental Engineers and Scientists, P.C. per the latest U.S. EPA UV Disinfection Guidance Manual LT2 regulations.

        Blue Ridge Numerics Inc.

        UV Reactor Validation

        The CFdesign UVCalc Module, a software program for simulating and validating ultraviolet (UV) reactor performance, is a project of Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc., and Bolton Photosciences, Inc. Design engineers developing UV applications for drinking water disinfection, wastewater treatment, and manufacturing processes for the food and beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical, and semiconductors industries, now can determine distribution of UV dose along flow paths and determine the influence of other factors, such as flow rate or axial mixing, for example.

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