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  • Newstripe Inc

Newstripe Inc.

Oil Filter Crusher

Newstripe, Inc.'s FilterFlat converts used oil filters from EPA hazardous material into recyclable metal and oil. To install the device, the user need only provide shop air and a workbench or table. To use it, the user places the used filter inside, closes the safety interlock door, and crushes it. The device has 24,000 pounds of force that can reduce a 9-inch filter to less than 2 inches in 45 seconds. It sells for $895.

    Newstripe Inc.

    Pack-Master In-Drum Compactor

    Newstripe announces the improved Pack-Master in-drum compactor with labor-saving accessories. The manually operated Pack-Master will save time and money when disposing of or recycling materials such as paper, paint booth filters, aluminum cans, absorbents, and disposable clothes. The Roll-out Base allows drums to be easily moved from under the compacting plate for adding waste materials to the drum and removing the drums when filled. The Split Barrel enables users to compact waste in disposable liners and then, simply "open" the sides of the barrel to slide out the filled liner. The Sorbent Basket hangs inside any open top 55-gallon drum so users can "wring out" excess fluids from absorbent socks and pads. Fluids can then be reclaimed or disposed of without the mess associated with roller type wringers.

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