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Electrodeionization Module


    Onsite chlorine dioxide generation -- safely, reliably and efficiently

    The Millennium III™ chlorine dioxide generation systems are the next generation in disinfection and oxidation technology combining high performance with durability and simplicity. These generators combine a 25% sodium chlorite with chlorine gas or 12.5% sodium hypochlorite and 15% hydrochloric acid to form chlorine in situ, under vacuum conditions to generate chlorine dioxide safely and efficiently.


      Generate hypochlorite onsite -- safely, reliably and economically

      The OSEC® hypochlorite generation systems operate by electrolyzing a brine solution to produce sodium hypochlorite onsite and on demand, at a cost that is significantly lower than commercially purchased hypochlorite. The ability to produce hypochlorite on-site reduces the required storage amount, uses safe, stable salt, and produces a very stable, easily metered, hypochlorite product.


        Accurate and Reliable pH and ORP Measurements


          Water Purification

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