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Dürr Environmental Inc.

SCR System

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems are designed for for high combustion temperatures of over 1100 °C in the combustion chamber (thermal NOx), and if nitrogen is contained in the fuel (fuel NOx). It is a reducing agent injected into the flue gas at temperatures of 260 to 390 °C. Suitable substances are, depending on customer's requirements, gaseous ammonia, ammonia water or urea. The subsequent process is the selective conversion of NOx and NH3 and/or NH2 (as the case may be) to N2 and H2O.

    Dürr Environmental Inc.


    Energy Saving Option

    The Heat Storage Shutdown (HSS) mode, developed by the Environmental and Energy Systems division of Dürr Systems, optimizes the energy savings from almost any off-production regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). The HSS mode enables the RTO fan and burner to be shut down while the unit stores its remaining heat energy in the combustion chamber and retains an elevated temperature from which to return to production ready status.

      Dürr Environmental Inc.

      Solvent Concentrator System

      The Ecopure® disk integrated solvent concentrator system from Dürr Environmental has its adsorbent media (activated carbon or zeolite honeycomb block) in a horizontally mounted, rotating disk. Optional filters may be placed upstream of the adsorbent media to remove particles and even out the flow of pollutants. Activated carbon and zeolite rotary concentrators are available in standard sizes for air volumes ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 scfm.

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