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KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc.


KIN-TEK’s FlexStream Automated Gas Standards Generating System blends calibration standards for acetaldehyde and other oxygenate contaminants in nitrogen or food grade carbon dioxide matrix. Trace Source permeation tubes are used to add known concentrations of the various oxygenate species to a flow of purified food grade CO2. Since concentration specifications are in the ppb range, the diluent CO2 may contain unknown and variable residual contamination. Calibration is based on the known difference in oxygenate concentration due to the addition. A secondary dilution feature gives low ppb and ppt concentrations adjustable over a 400:1 range. Mixture concentrations are traceable to NIST through physical standards. 

    KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc.


    Gas Blending System

    KIN-TEK’s AutoBlend is a computer-controlled, multi-channel gas blending system for supplying a continuous flow of adjustable composition test gas mixture. Applications include sensor evaluation, analytical methods development and validation, contaminant effects testing, catalyst testing, odor simulation, gas filter testing and other applications. The system uses permeation tubes to add multiple trace components to the gas mixture. It features six independently controlled permeation channels and each channel can contain up to eight compounds for a total of 48 compounds.

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