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The Asahi/America, Inc. Quarter Master (QM) Remote Cycle™.

QM Remote Cycle

QM Remote Cycle

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in fluid flow solutions, introduces the Quarter Master (QM) Remote Cycle™. A complete QM Remote Cycle™ unit consists of an Asahi/America Series 94 electric actuator with self-powered battery and open/close timer mounted to a ball or butterfly valve for use in remote areas where power sources are limited or unavailable.

Asahi's QM Remote Cycle™ features a NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim, on/off switch, adjustable open and interval times via dip switches, and manual override. The QM Remote Cycle's™ 12vdc rechargeable battery can cycle 1,100 times, once fully charged.

The QM Remote Cycle™ and Series 94 quarter-turn actuator can be mounted to Asahi/America Type-57 butterfly valves (sizes 1 1/2" – 4") and Type-21 ball valves (sizes 1/2" – 2"). Asahi/America's QM Remote Cycle™ unit provides continuous and reliable cycling in remote mining, chemical, water, and wastewater applications.

Asahi/America, Inc., 35 Green Street, Malden, MA 02148, toll-free 800-343-3618 or 781-321-5409, fax 800-426-7058, asahi@asahi-america.com.

    Asahi/America Inc.

    Asahi/America Catalog

    Thermoplastic Valve and Piping Systems Catalog

    Asahi/America’s updated 12-page Thermoplastic Valve and Piping Systems Catalog presents an overview of the company's fluid handling product lines as well as capabilities for distributors, engineers and installers. The full-color catalog highlights the advantages of using thermoplastic materials, including their corrosion-resistant properties. The catalog features specifications for valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, high purity products, industrial piping and double containment piping. In addition, the catalog outlines the company's high purity and wet process solutions.

      Asahi/America Inc.


      Polytetra Electric Heaters

      Asahi/America Polytetra electric heaters are completely encapsulated with corrosion resistant PFA and PTFE. The heaters’ life expectancy is increased by covering the entire length of the electrical cord with PFA. The connections from the stainless steel conductor to the electrical cord are housed within a machined PTFE block. These electric heaters are available in standard models from 120-600V and 350-4,000 watts of continuous power. Standard lengths from 3-15 feet can be factory bent in any shape desired.

        Asahi/America Inc.

        Asahi/America Butterfly Valve

        Butterfly Valves

        Asahi/America’s butterfly valves operate at 110 psi at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The 16- to 24-inch valves feature molded plastic and wafer style ANSI B 16.5 non-wetted PDCPD bodies with polypropylene or PVDF discs. Industry-standard ISO top flange mounting patterns facilitate gear operator or actuator mounting. The valves are available in EPDM and FKM seal versions.

          Asahi/America Inc.

          Fast Pack Valve/Actuation Packs

          Asahi/America, Inc., introduces the Fast Pack, the newest concept in valve automation. The company has prepackaged more than 125 of its most popular valve and actuator combinations in easy-to-order configurations. Packages feature Asahi Series 92 or 94 electric actuators or Series 79 pneumatic actuators mounted on Asahi Type 21 PVC Ball Valves or Type 57 PVC Butterfly Valves.

          Ideally suited for industrial applications featuring harsh media environments, packages are available in ½" to 4" in ball valves and 1-1/2" to 8" in butterfly valves. Every one of these assembled packages ships within 24 hours from time the order is received. All packages are assembled at the company's Malden, Mass., headquarters.

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